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Pre-Beta was an early version of the initial public beta release. This version just like the Alpha was not publicly playable, however, this version was actually shown at the Insomnia Fest i49 around August 2013.

Although similar to the initial public beta release, there are a few notable changes.

- The ships were drastically different from the initial public beta-release version. They were known as dropships, and have been seen in some Alpha dev blogs and videos. The interior's and ship appearance differentiated for each different race, such as the glitch having a steampunk theme. Ship objects such as the teleporter and shiplocker had different textures.

- Planets were slightly different, their horizon appearance appears unfinished, only having the liquid part finished. Planet backgrounds weren't finished either, they seem to be entirely gone, the only parts of the background you can see are the planets, stars, and lightning.

- Few objects had different textures, like Torches for instance.