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Pre-Beta was an early version of the initial public beta release. This version was not publicly playable, only featured in a stream during the Insomnia Fest i49 of August 2013.

As the build intended to prepare the game for public beta, it retained a select amount of Alpha's assets amongst the new beta asset updates. Below are the asset differences worth pointing out.


At the time of pre-beta, ships were known as dropships, recognizable within the Alpha stage. While similar in functionality to the ships that appeared in the initial beta version, ships had highly different sprites. Interiors were unique to each race, with exteriors that were significantly more barebones in design.


Apex Starting Ship
Though the interior of the Apex dropship matched its current sleek, ultramodern style, the exterior appeared bulky and used a dark grey and green palette. There was a small banana symbol on the inner thruster.


Avian Starting Ship
The Avian dropship had the same aesthetic as the modern ships, but lacked key elements such as the notable large red crystals, pyramidal structure, and hieroglyphs. It was primitive in appearance, with a structure made of wood and weathered stone rather than metal.


Floran Starting Ship
The Floran dropship was significantly more green than either its beta or modern design. It had more in common with its beta design rather than the modern design; the ship was an overgrown version of another race's ship. While the beta design was only an overgrown Apex ship, the pre-beta design was an overgrown and green-colored version of the Human's dropship. It had an absence of leaves and flowers in relation to the modern designs, but there were a few bones scattered on the hull, an important detail removed in the beta design and brought back more prominently in the final design.


Glitch Starting Ship
The Glitch dropship had a striking resemblance to the modern Novakid ship, with a hull made of brass pipes and a general steampunk aesthetic. It's likely that the idea was scrapped for not suiting the Glitch's theme, instead being reused for the Novakid when they were introduced.


Human Starting Ship
The Human dropship was much plainer than its modern design, being entirely grey with no red accents or glowing blue lights. It was an generic design, which might've been the decisive force behind the change of design.


Hylotl Starting Ship
The Hylotl dropship looked closer to its modern iteration rather than the inital beta design. It had a blue hull with a blue-green background (though both appeared green in the yellowish light emitted from the paper lanterns) and had metal fins built onto the hull to make the ship resemble a fish. The beta design was an almost complete overhaul, taking significant inspiration from East Asian culture and leaning away from the futuristic style demonstrated here. The modern design, on the other hand, seems to take direct inspiration from the dropship design, having an exterior made of dark blue metal, and sporting angular fin-like decorations (though more modern and angular than in the dropship design).


Planets were in an unfinished state during this build; the parallax seen on player ships had a noticeable lack of complete terrestrial textures for landmass, leaving liquid sprites to remain. Planet parallaxes was disabled, with the exception of celestial objects.


A small array of objects, including Torches and the aforementioned Ship objects, had asset differences from the initial beta release. This was likely a result of the unfinished asset updates being made for the public beta.