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The nightly version of Starbound is an extremely broken test build available to players who choose to opt-in. The build is very buggy, and often has large game features disabled or configured for testing. It's a nightly copy of the development build being worked on by Chucklefish which automatically pushes the current state to Steam each day at 4am UTC.

The following list is reflective of the changes that are currently ONLY on the nightly build, any changes pushed to the stable version will be removed from the listing below and moved to the stable changelog.

For a list of upcoming features, see here, or see the changelog for the Stable builds of the game.

Nightly Build Changes

Version Release date Summary of changes
v. Cheerful Giraffe

December 7th, 2015 (Nightly)

Cheerful Giraffe




Crew Members

  • Ability to recruit NPCs as crew members aboard your ship
  • Ability to recruit becomes available after completing a set number of generated tenant/generated quests
  • Alternatively, if players choose not to colonize they can recruit penguin mercenary crew members from a bar at the outpost.
  • Crew members can follow and fight alongside players outside their ship
  • Crew member roles provide passive effects, enhance your ship and provide unique benefits.
  • Crew outfits are colored by role, but can be customized to any outfit provided the crew has a tailor.
  • Ship size upgrades can now be unlocked by crew size expansion (optionally)
  • Upgrading ship size also increases the number of crew members that can follow the player and occupy their ship
  • Penguin mercenaries can be hired using dubloons at the outpost (as an alternative method to gather crew outside quests)


  • Reworked quest progression entirely
  • Each racial mission now has a quest line to locate clues to find the instance and obtain a special artifact. These clues can be found by inspecting artifacts, talking to NPCs or completing other quests.
    • New Museum side quests
    • New Arena side quests
  • Techs are now unlocked by quests that send a player through a unique course to train them on the tech.
  • Generated guests - These quests are generated to have villager NPCs and tenants throughout the game request players do things like gather a specific item or defeat a nearby enemy. Completing these quests can give players reputation with the NPC, and they may join your ship crew. These quests are endlessly generated, ensuring players will never run out of objectives they can choose to take on.




Backer Rewards


Other Changes

  • Many monsters now explode into unique particles when killed
  • The action bar can now be locked, preventing picked up items from filling empty slots
  • Improvements in stellar cloud/coloring
  • Monsters are now better scaled and animated in targeting portraits
  • Survival Mode (re-implementation of of hunger)
  • Restyling of chat bubbles
  • Restyling of SAIL console and window
  • The Outpost ore vendor has been replaced with a full shop, Ursa Miner
  • Updated many racial respawn animations
  • Huge overhaul of most UI windows
  • Many swords now have combo attacks when swung quickly
  • Updated health and energy bars. Added hunger bar to UI
  • Bosses now have a large health bar which also displays their name.
  • Added staffs and wands as procedually generated weapon types.
  • When hurt the player now has increased invincibility frames.
  • Villager NPCs now respond when players take objects from their dwellings.
  • When a monster is hit by a player it’s unable to damage the player for a short period (Meaning you no longer have to worry about being hit by monsters caught in your special attacks).[2]
  • Adjusted character name generation (now first names only)
  • Items dropped on player death no longer time out
  • Wide seats can seat multiple characters.
  • Redesigned armor tooltips
  • Replaced regeneration while in beds with resting effect
  • NPCs now have chatter sounds when speaking.
  • All weapons reworked/optimized as they were migrated to activeitem type
  • Novakids now glow faintly
  • Glowbugs now glow faintly, and glow when captured inside jars.
  • Added crafting material tab to the inventory window
  • Inventory tabs now automatically change to the correct tab when picking up an item
  • Food now rots (becoming rotten food, can be placed in refrigerators to keep from decay)
  • Reset all food stats and healing values
  • Added new Floran, Avian, and Apex village types
  • Added Hylotl villages, ocean city, and ruined city

and much more

Daily Asset Differences

Forum user Kawa maintains a list of nightly differences in assets. They offer a detailed breakdown of changes pushed with each nightly build. These logs are not reflective of all game changes, and are specific to asset changes so may not reflect changes to some filetypes or engine adjustments.