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The nightly version of Starbound is an extremely broken test build available to players who choose to opt-in. The build is very buggy, and often has large game features disabled or configured for testing. It's a nightly copy of the development build being worked on by Chucklefish which automatically pushes the current state to Steam each day at 4am UTC.

The following list is reflective of the changes that are currently ONLY on the nightly build, any changes pushed to the stable version will be removed from the listing below and moved to the stable changelog.

For a list of upcoming features, see here, or see the changelog for the Stable builds of the game.

Nightly Build Changes

Version Release date Summary of changes
Version 1.1

August 4th, 2016 (Nightly)

Version 1.1

Novakid Villages


  • Collections window to keep track of encountered creatures/fish/etc in development


  • Fishing Rod can now be used on ocean planets (including arctic, toxic and magma oceans) to catch fish
  • Fishing involves moving the lure around to get it near fish you want while avoiding fish you don't


Daily Asset Differences

Forum user Kawa maintains a list of nightly differences in assets. They offer a detailed breakdown of changes pushed with each nightly build. These logs are not reflective of all game changes, and are specific to asset changes so may not reflect changes to some filetypes or engine adjustments.