Asteroid Field

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Asteroid Field Nav.png
Threat: Low (Tier 1) Weather
Star types: All Clear.pngSpacedust.pngSmallmeteorstorm.pngMeteorstorm.png
EPP Required: Status Airless.png Breathing EPP
Mini Biomes: None
Secondary Biomes: None
Asteroid Field Ship.png
An asteroid field biome.
Asteroid Field is a primary biome type characterized by floating rocks in airless space. They are similar in appearance to the asteroids which are found above the atmosphere of most other planets. Because asteroid fields have no atmosphere there is no color in the sky, simply a view of nearby planets and stars day and night. Asteroid fields are an 'low' threat level, geared toward tier 1 progression.

Asteroid Fields have no gravity, which make a mech or tools like rocket spears and grappling hooks necessary. This makes movement between floating asteroids considerably easier, but it's still recommended to equip techs and tools for travel.

Asteroids are a quick and easy way to find incredible amounts of copper, silver and gold. Because the rocks are relatively small, it's easy to see ore inside for mining.

Asteroid Fields can be found orbiting all star types. Unless players have an EPP equipped they'll slowly run out of air while in asteroid fields, eventually taking damage when they've completely run out. Any EPP can provide players with the air they need to survive.

Skimbus is the only monster type found in asteroid fields.

Navigation Console

  • A bare cluster of asteroids. Readings indicate there is no atmosphere or life here. Just endless nothingness, with plenty of space for construction.
  • A lifeless band of asteroids without atmosphere: drifting through space, anchored to a distant star... A nice place to build a house.
  • A clutch of asteroids drifting along an elliptical orbit. Readings indicate there is no atmosphere here. Or anything else for that matter...


Asteroid fields are made up of a variety of floating islands of rock. They can be traveled between by jumping or using techs or tools, but are not physically connected. There's no 'planet core' in asteroid fields, after falling long enough players will reach the bottom of the biome and be instantly killed.

There's an extreme abundance of non-progression ore found in asteroid fields, with very large veins of copper, silver ore, and gold being available to mine inside some asteroids.

There's no plant life or water of any kind found naturally in asteroid fields.

Primary material Sub materials Geological materials

Music Tracks

Asteroid fields use their own set of music tracks for both "day-time" and "night-time."

  • Jupiter
  • Arctic Constellation 1
  • Arctic Constellation 2
  • Mercury
  • Mira
  • Tranquility Base
  • Accretion Disc
  • Horsehead Nebula
  • Psyche
  • Large Magellanic Cloud
  • M54
  • Nomads
  • On the Beach at Night

Sub Biomes

Asteroid fields do not have any sub biomes, and are not found as a sub biome on any other planet type.

All planets have a similar asteroid layer above their upper atmosphere, which has a similar appearance, ore and monster profile. These mini biomes or gravity characteristics of asteroid fields.

Mini Biomes

There are no mini biomes which can be found in asteroid fields.


Weather in asteroid fields is either clear with a chance of spacedust, or clear with a chance of spacedust, meteor showers or large meteors. Each asteroid field has one of these two pools of weather, and it will not change. Asteroid fields without a meteorite shower chance will never have meteor shower weather. Unlike regular planets, weather for asteroid fields is not displayed in the ship navigation window.

The probability for weather types in asteroid fields is as follows:

Type 1
Clear.png Clear 0.7 (70%)
Spacedust.png Spacedust 0.2 (20%)
Smallmeteorstorm.png Meteor Shower 0.05 (5%)
Meteorstorm.png Large Meteor 0.05 (5%)
Type 2
Clear.png Clear 0.8 (80%)
Spacedust.png Spacedust 0.2 (20%)

Wild Crops

No crops can be found growing in asteroid fields.


The only monster found in asteroid fields is Skimbus. No other types can be found in them, not even procedurally generated monsters. No critters or bugs are found in asteroid fields.

Unique Monsters
Skimbus.png Skimbus

Unique Drops

There are no drops unique in asteroid fields planets.


There are no villages or dungeons found in asteroid fields, they're too harsh to support any type of settlements. However, a player-made colony can be successfully made here.


There are no villages which appear in asteroid fields


There are no dungeons which appear in asteroid fields