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The entity table contains functions that are common among all entities. Every function refers to the entity the script context is running on.

Accessible in:

  • companion system scripts
  • quests
  • tech
  • primary status script
  • status effects
  • monsters
  • npcs
  • objects


Returns the id number of the entity.

LuaTable entity.damageTeam()

Returns a table of the entity's damage team type and team number. Ex: {type = "enemy", team = 0}

bool entity.isValidTarget(EntityId entityId)

Returns whether the provided entity is a valid target of the current entity. An entity is a valid target if they can be damaged, and in the case of monsters and NPCs if they are aggressive.

Vec2F entity.distanceToEntity(EntityId entityId)

Returns the vector distance from the current entity to the provided entity.

bool entity.entityInSight(EntityId entityId)

Returns whether the provided entity is in line of sight of the current entity.

Vec2F entity.position()

Returns the position of the current entity.

String entity.entityType()

Returns the type of the current entity.

String entity.uniqueId()

Returns the unique ID of the entity. Returns nil if there is no unique ID.

bool entity.persistent()

Returns `true` if the entity is persistent (will be saved to disk on sector unload) or `false` otherwise.

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