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The monster table contains bindings specific to monsters which are available in addition to their common tables.

String monster.type()

Returns the monster's configured monster type.

String monster.seed()

Returns a string representation of the monster's random seed.

Json monster.uniqueParameters()

Returns a table of the monster's unique (override) parameters.

unsigned monster.familyIndex()

Returns the monster's family index.

float monster.level()

Returns the monster's level.

void monster.setDamageOnTouch(bool enabled)

Enables or disables the monster's touch damage.

void monster.setDamageSources([List<DamageSource> damageSources])

Sets the monster's active damage sources (or clears them if unspecified).

void monster.setDamageParts(StringSet damageParts)

Sets the monster's active damage parts. Damage parts must be defined in the monster's configuration parameters. A damage part specifies a damage source and an animation part to anchor the damage source to. The anchor part's transformation will be applied to the damage source's damage poly, and if a vector, the damage source's knockback.


"animationDamageParts" : {
  "beam" : {
    "anchorPart" : "partName", // animation part to anchor the damage source to
    "checkLineCollision" : false, // optional, if the damage source is a line, check for collision along the line
    "bounces" : 0, // optional, if the damage source is a line and it checks for collision
    "damageSource" : {
      "line" : [ [0.0, 0.0], [5.0, 0.0] ],
      "damage" : 10,
      "damageSourceKind" : "default",
      "teamType" : "enemy",
      "teamNumber" : 2


monster.setDamageParts({"beam"}) -- sets the "beam" damage part active

void monster.setAggressive(bool aggressive)

Sets whether the monster is currently aggressive.

void monster.setDropPool(Json dropPool)

Sets the monster's drop pool, which determines the items that it will drop on death. This can be specified as the String name of a treasure pool, or as a Map<String, String> to specify different drop pools for different damage types. If specified as a map, the pool should contain a "default" entry for unhandled damage types.

Vec2F monster.toAbsolutePosition(Vec2F relativePosition)

Returns an absolute world position calculated from the given relative position.

void monster.flyTo(Vec2F position)

Causes the monster to controlFly toward the given world position.

void monster.setDeathParticleBurst([String particleEmitter)

Sets the name of the particle emitter (configured in the animation) to burst when the monster dies, or clears it if unspecified.

void monster.setDeathSound([String sound])

Sets the name of the sound (configured in the animation) to play when the monster dies, or clears it if unspecified.

void monster.setPhysicsForces(List<PhysicsForceRegion> forceRegions)

Sets a list of physics force regions that the monster will project, used for applying forces to other nearby entities. Set an empty list to clear the force regions.

void monster.setName(String name)

Sets the monster's name.

void monster.setDisplayNametag(bool enabled)

Sets whether the monster should display its nametag.

bool monster.say(String line, [Map<String, String> tags])

Causes the monster to say the line, optionally replacing any specified tags in the text. Returns true if anything is said (i.e. the line is not empty) and false otherwise.

bool monster.sayPortrait(String line, String portrait, [Map<String, String> tags])

Similar to monster.say, but uses a portrait chat bubble with the specified portrait image.

void monster.setDamageTeam(DamageTeam team)

Sets the monster's current damage team type and number.

void monster.setUniqueId([String uniqueId])

Sets the monster's unique entity id, or clears it if unspecified.

void monster.setDamageBar(String damageBarType)

Sets the type of damage bar that the monster should display. Valid options are "default", "none" and "special".

void monster.setInteractive(bool interactive)

Sets whether the monster is currently interactive.

void monster.setAnimationParameter(String key, Json value)

Sets a networked scripted animator parameter to be used in a client side rendering script using animationConfig.getParameter.

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