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The `effect` table relates to functions specifically for status effects.

float effect.duration()

Returns the remaining duration of the status effect.

void effect.modifyDuration(float duration)

Adds the specified duration to the current remaining duration.

void effect.expire()

Immediately expire the effect, setting the duration to 0.

EntityId effect.sourceEntity()

Returns the source entity id of the status effect, if any.

void effect.setParentDirectives(String directives)

Sets image processing directives for the entity the status effect is active on.

Json effect.getParameter(String name, Json def)

Returns the value associated with the parameter name in the effect configuration. If no value is set, returns the default specified.

StatModifierGroupId effect.addStatModifierGroup(List<StatModifier> modifiers)

Adds a new stat modifier group and returns the ID created for the group. Stat modifier groups will stay active until the effect expires.

Stat modifiers are of the format:

 stat = "health",

 amount = 50
 --OR baseMultiplier = 1.5
 --OR effectiveMultiplier = 1.5

void effect.setStatModifierGroup(StatModifierGroupId groupId, List<StatModifier> modifiers)

Replaces the list of stat modifiers in a group with the specified modifiers.

void effect.removeStatModifierGroup(StatModifierGroupId groupId)

Removes the specified stat modifier group.

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