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The `quest` table contains functions relating directly to the quest whose script its run in.

String quest.state()

Returns the current state of the quest.

Possible states:

  • "New"
  • "Offer"
  • "Active"
  • "Complete"
  • "Failed"

void quest.complete()

Immediately completes the quest.


Immediately fails the quest.

void quest.setCanTurnIn(bool turnIn)

Sets whether the quest can be turned in.

String quest.questId()

Returns the quest id.

String quest.templateId()

Returns the ID of the template used to make this quest.

uint64_t quest.seed()

Returns the seed used to generate the quest.

Json quest.questDescriptor()

Returns the quest descriptor including parameters.

Json quest.questArcDescriptor()

Returns the quest arc descriptor.

Vec2F quest.questArcPosition()

Returns the quest arc position. (?)

String quest.worldId()

Returns the world id for the quest arc.

String quest.serverUuid()

Returns the server uuid for the quest.

QuestParameters quest.parameters()

Returns all quest parameters.

void quest.setParameter(String name, Json value)

Sets a quest parameter.

void quest.setIndicators(List<String> indicators)

Set a list of quest parameters to use as custom indicators.


-- define indicators
local entityIndicator = {
  type = "entity",
  uniqueId = "techscientist"
local itemIndicator = {
  type = "item",
  item = "perfectlygenericitem"
local itemTagIndicator = {
  type = "itemTag",
  tag = "weapon"
local itemListIndicator = {
  type = "itemList",
  items = [ "perfectlygenericitem", "standingturret" ]
local monsterTypeIndicator = {
  type = "monsterType",
  typeName = "peblit"
-- set quest parameters for the indicators
quest.setParameter("entity", entityIndicator)
quest.setParameter("item", itemIndicator)
quest.setParameter("itemTag", itemTagIndicator)
quest.setParameter("itemList", itemListIndicator)
quest.setParameter("monsterType", monsterTypeIndicator)

-- add the set quest parameters to the indicators list
quest.setIndicators({"entity", "item", "itemTag", "itemList", "monsterType"})

void quest.setObjectiveList(JsonArray objectives)

Set the objectives for the quest tracker. Objectives are in the format {text, completed}


  {"Gather 4 cotton", true},
  {"Eat 2 cotton", false}

void quest.setProgress(float progress)

Sets the progress amount of the quest tracker progress bar. Set nil to hide. Progress is from 0.0 to 1.0.

void quest.setCompassDirection(float angle)

Set the angle of the quest tracker compass. Setting nil hides the compass.

void quest.setTitle(String title)

Sets the title of the quest in the quest log.

void quest.setText(String text)

Set the text for the quest in the quest log.

void quest.setCompletionText(String completionText)

Sets the text shown in the completion window when the quest is completed.

void quest.setFailureText(String failureText)

Sets the text shown in the completion window when the quest is failed.

void quest.setPortrait(String portraitName, JsonArray portrait)

Sets a portrait to a list of drawables.

void quest.setPortraitTitle(String portraitName, String title)

Sets a portrait title.

void quest.addReward(ItemDescriptor reward)

Add an item to the reward pool.

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