Excerpt 4 from The Steel Casebook

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Steel Casebook 04
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Excerpt 04 from The Steel Casebook.

Removed: No Longer Available

Excerpt 4 from The Steel Casebook was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Excerpt 4 from The Steel Casebook was a Glitch codex found inside Glitch Villages.

It was removed from the game when lore was rewritten in update cheerful giraffe.


Excerpt 4 from The Steel Casebook

by Hewlett Deckard
Glitch bounty hunter

Just another tragic story, another Outcast looking to escape being repurposed. She'd heard about me, heard who I was. Sometimes, this double life gets on top of me, but other times, like last night, when I save a life, it's all worth it.

She'd killed our Glitch, of course. He'd been cleaning her windows and observed her engaging in Outcast behaviour. She killed him and moved his body to another location, the place he was always seen.

I made sure she left the city safely, and promised to cover up her crime. It's an easy job. I'll do what I always do, and close the case by saying a Floran did it. Besides, the victim should be out of the repair bay in a couple more days. No harm done.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem steelbook04Codex
File Name steelbook04.codexitem
File Path assets/codex/documents