The Modern Po-metheus

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The Modern Po-metheus

Removed: No Longer Available

The Modern Po-metheus was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Po-metheus was a Glitch codex found inside Sewer Dungeons.

It was removed from the game when lore was rewritten in update Cheerful Giraffe.


The Modern Po-metheus

The paper is stained brown.

As I mark down these words, brown tears spill from my eyes. I think back to that day, that fateful day when, fleeing my Miniknog captors, I descended into this sewer. For days I hid, as Big Ape's guards searched for me.

Hungry, thirsty, I eventually succumbed, finding some yellow, glowing goo that reminded me of a mushed up banana. No sooner had I eaten it when my body began to change; my very molecules reassembled, merging with my surroundings - the sewer's filth. And now, years later, I am Apex no longer, but instead a golem of filth, longing simply for an escape.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem sewerpometheusCodex
File Name sewerpometheus.codexitem
File Path assets/codex/documents