The Steel Casebook: Prisoners 4

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The Steel Casebook: Prisoners #4

Removed: No Longer Available

The Steel Casebook: Prisoners 4 was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Prisoners was a Human codex found inside USCM Prisons.

It was removed from the game when lore was reworked in update cheerful giraffe.


The Steel Casebook: Prisoners 4

I blacked out, earlier. Simply as if my body had shut down. The last thing I remember is a strange electromagnetic pulse, as if a current passed through my body, and then nothing. Diagnostics all scan okay, but I am wary.

When I awoke, I had somehow crawled to a different room. I was lying on a prison cell bed, but I wasn't alone. A bald doll with one eye sat on the mattress beside me, staring. It appeared to be some kind of human toy. I scanned it for signs of life, then mocked myself for doing so.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem prisoncasebook04Codex
File Name prisoncasebook04.codexitem
File Path assets/codex/documents