Incarcerus Notes 2

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Incarcerus Notes
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Project Incarcerus Notes #2

Removed: No Longer Available

Incarcerus Notes 2 was removed from the game files, and is no longer obtainable.
It was included as placeholder content during early access, and replaced before full release

Incarcerus Notes was a lore book found in Apex Test Chambers.

It was part 2/11 in "Project Incarcerus Notes" series of collectible books within the Codex.

It was removed from the game when lore was rewritten in update cheerful giraffe.


Incarcerus Notes 2

The Miniknog are beginning to gain control of the experiment. Despite having taken on the role of prisoners, the dynamic is very clear. They do what they want, and in some cases even tell the citizens - the guards - what to do. It is very interesting to observe.

Earlier, I visited the common room to find the Miniknog playing ball games, and the citizens locked in the cells. The self-styled leader of the Miniknog prisoners, Hairbiter McVey, informed me that they'd requested some 'chill-out time'.

I will have to talk to the citizens, explain to them that to become prison guards, they must be more assertive. Years of Miniknog oppression has left them timid shells. While this was good for our original purposes, it now leaves us with an army of Apex who are incapable of serving us.


File Details

Spawn Command /spawnitem testincarcerus02Codex
File Name testincarcerus02.codexitem
File Path assets/codex/documents