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Warning: Spoilers

Reading this page will give away the entire story of the game. That is, in fact, the only purpose of this page. You have been warned.

Brief Summary

Earth is destroyed by a vast tentacled monster, The Ruin. You are one of the few who survived Earth's destruction. With the help of Esther Bright (a Human scientist), Nuru (a champion Floran hunter), Koichi (a Hylotl scholar), Tonauac (an Avian priest), Lana (an Apex rebel commander), and The Baron (a Glitch baron), you find and kill the Ruin, fighting various factions and monsters along the way.

Full Summary

Introduction / Tutorial Level

Your character is a trainee of the Protectorate, an Earth-based peacekeeping and research organization. You awaken on the day of your graduation and make your way to the ceremony, during which tentacles suddenly burst out of the ground and begin to rip the Earth apart. You take the Matter Manipulator, some basic supplies, and a broken sword, then escape by jumping into a ship.

First Planet / The Ark

You awaken on the ship to learn that its boosters are damaged and that you are in orbit above an unknown Garden planet. For lack of any other options, you beam down and explore its surface, looking for some way to repair your ship. You come across an ancient gateway, where a mysterious stranger asks for help by radio. Going through the portal takes you to the Outpost, past which are the Ark Ruins - a massive gateway surrounded by holograms. The stranger is waiting in front of the gateway, and she introduces herself as Esther Bright, former Grand Protector, now retired. She explains what happened to Earth, and why: Long ago, a godlike entity called the Cultivator created the universe. Then, it came into conflict with an enormous, tentacled, planet-devouring monster called The Ruin. The Cultivator managed to seal The Ruin away behind the gateway of the Ark, but doing so exhausted its power. Opening the gate requires six keys, each of which was given to one of the six main races: the Apex, the Avians, the Florans, the Glitch, the Humans, and the Hylotl. Now, however, the Ruin has somehow escaped, and the gateway serves only as a portal onto its surface. Esther requests that you help her by gathering the keys, then entering the portal and destroying the Ruin. You accept.

Erchius Mining Facility

Your first priority is to repair your ship. To that end, you talk to the Outpost's resident mechanic, Penguin Pete. Penguin Pete says that he needs Erchius crystals to repair your ship, and he gives you the teleporter coordinates for an Erchius crystal mine. Upon arriving, you find that the mine is in a state of emergency. Mutated humans are running amok, attacking and killing the miners. You make your way to the deepest depths of the mine, where you find the Erchius Horror - a huge crystalline monster responsible for the mutations. You defeat it, obtain the Erchius crystals, and teleport back to the outpost, where Penguin Pete fixes your ship and Esther gives you your next mission.

Ceremonial Hunting Caverns

Esther tells you that your next step is to find the Floran key. To do so, you have to ascertain its general location by finding Floran structures and scanning the objects inside to fill a progress bar. Once the bar is full, you return to Esther, who gives you the teleporter coordinates for a great Floran hunting competition. You arrive and learn that you must participate in the hunt if you want to win the key. You descend into the caverns, overcoming animals, traps, and competing Floran hunters. Along the way, you meet Nuru, a friendly Floran huntress renowned for her skill. Together, you make your way into the final cavern, where you encounter the animal you're hunting: the Ixodoom, a huge, four-legged, spider-like creature made of bone and muscle. Upon defeating it, you and Nuru are awarded the key. Impressed by your skill, Nuru decides to join your cause, and she beams back to the Outpost with you.

Grand Pagoda Library

Esther tells you that the Hylotl key is your next goal. As before, you ascertain its general location by finding Hylotl structures and scanning the objects inside. Once you do so and return to Esther, she gives you the coordinates for an enormous underwater library. When you arrive, you find the library in a state of lockdown. The only remaining librarian, Koichi, informs you via hologram that mysterious people have broken in and are ransacking the library. He lets you inside, and you make your way towards the inner sanctum of the library, defeating humans in purple hoods - members of the Occasus cult, who believe that the Ruin is a force meant to cleanse the universe of "inferior life," killing all the races but humans. When you reach the second-to-last room of the library, you meet Asra Nox: founder of the cult and leader of the cultists. She mocks you for working with Esther, then attacks you. When you defeat her, she tells you that you're too late, then beams up. In the last chamber, you find Koichi and the key. Koichi allows you to take the key, then, curious about what's going on, asks to join Esther. He beams back to the Outpost with you.

Great Sovereign Temple

Your next goal is the Avian key. You find Avian structures, scan objects, fill the progress bar, and return to Esther, who gives you the coordinates for a colossal, ancient temple to the Avian god, Kluex. You arrive and are greeted by the guardian/tour guide Tonauac. He gives you a brief tour of the outer rooms, then falls asleep. You sneak past him and enter the inner sanctum of the temple, making your way past traps and autonomous guardians. About two-thirds of the way through, you reunite with Tonauac, who came in looking for you, then got lost. He agrees to help you look for a way out. Continuing on, you face off against a few Occasus cultists, then find a large idol/guardian: the Kluex Avatar. Upon defeating it and entering the next room, you find Tonauac and the key. Tonauac claims that you are a servant of Kluex, permits you to take the key, then begs you to let him join your cause. He beams back to the Outpost with you.

Miniknog Stronghold

Your next goal is the Apex key. You find Apex structures, fill the progress bar, and return to Esther, who gives you the coordinates for a main base of the Miniknog, the unofficial government of the Apex. You arrive in the middle of a rebellion. The rebel leader, Lana, tasks you with getting into the stronghold and opening the gates so that she and the rebels can advance. You enter the base, fight your way through Miniknog soldiers, scientists, and experiments, opening the gates as you go. At last, you reach the innermost sanctum and find that Lana and the rebels have won. Lana is wounded, however, and entrusts you with finishing the job. You advance and discover a system of machines: Big Ape, the omnipresent figurehead of the Miniknog. It activates and attacks you. Once you defeat it, you enter the R&D lab of the Miniknog and claim the Apex key. Lana enters the room, thanks you for your assistance, and asks to join your cause. She beams back to the Outpost with you.

Baron's Keep

Your next goal is the Glitch key. After completing the usual process, you receive the coordinates for the castle of a Glitch baron. You arrive and talk to the Baron, an eccentric, retired adventurer who found the key somewhere along the way. He agrees to give it to you, on the condition that you first defeat the army of Occasus cultists that are attacking his castle. At that time, waves of Occasus cultists begin to beam down. Lana and Nuru also beam down to help you. Once you defeat all of the cultists, Asra Nox arrives, piloting the Bone Dragon: a robot that looks like a skeletal dragon. She attacks you. Upon defeating her, the Baron gives you the key, then beams back to the Outpost with you.

The Ruin / Ending

When you return to the Ark, Esther gives you an old journal containing Asra Nox's origins. Then you, the Baron, Lana, Tonauac, Koichi, Nuru, and Esther all gather before the gateway, where Esther reveals that she already possesses the human key. She inserts it, the gate opens, and you enter. You arrive on the surface of the Ruin, and make your way to its core, where you find Asra Nox waiting. You defeat her, she beams out, and a giant, yellow, slit-pupiled eye opens before you: the Heart of the Ruin. It attacks you. Upon its defeat, the Ruin explodes, seemingly killing you. However, the Cultivator manifests, congratulates you, then uses the last of its power to resurrect you and beam you down to the Gateway. Roll credits.