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Action figures are small decorative trophies which have a chance to drop from many unique monsters and bosses. They can be placed as decorative objects.

The chance for these to drop is very low, players may progress through the entire game without ever seeing one, making them one of the rarest collectables in the game (and subsequently the achievement associated with them is one of the most difficult to obtain). Bosses have a slightly higher chance than normal monsters since many require progressing through an entire mission to fight and the encounters are much longer and more difficult. Monsters in Ancient Vaults also have a slightly higher than usual chance of dropping an action figure.

Most trophies depict the monster they have a chance to drop from. Trophies from bosses are larger in size than regular monster trophies.


There is a Steam achievement tied to collecting action figures. To earn progress players need to pick each action figure up.

The achievement name is Mint Condition, and it's awarded after picking up 50 unique action figures.

Name Description Requirements
Mint Condition.jpg Mint Condition Collect at least 50 unique action figures.
Insist to your friends they're actually called statuettes.
Collect rare action figures from unique monsters and bosses.

Action Figures Collection

After each action figure is collected it will fill in the corresponding entry in the Collections Library window.

After picking up a new action figure a notification will appear at the bottom of the screen, announcing a completed collection entry. An image of that figurine will then appear inside the Collections Library window, with a description which appears when moused over.

Since the requirements for the Action Figure collection and the achievement 'Mint Condition' are the same (even through the achievement only requires 50/67 figures), the collection window is an easy way to track progress towards the achievement.

Below is the full listing of all action figures, along with their collection number and drop rate.

# Name Description Drops From Rate
01 The label reads, "It's made from a springy substance." Gleap 1/1000
02 The label reads, "The king nutmidgeling is the only one whose head tuft hasn't been trampled to death." Nutmidgeling, King Nutmidgeling 1/1000
03 The label reads, "The Poptop hums beautifully to confuse its prey." Poptop 1/1000
04 The label reads, "It's huge..." Adult Poptop, Mother Poptop 1/1000
05 The label reads, "The sharp spikes can penetrate any space boot." Crustoise 1/1000
06 The label reads, "It doesn't seem to eat or sleep... Is it a machine?" Tintic 1/1000
07 The label reads, "By tasting the particles in the air it can sense what's ahead of it." Batong 1/1000
08 The label reads, "When it closes its eyes it becomes immune to attacks by entering a different plane of existence." Spookit 1/1000
09 The label reads, "Because of the size of its head in proportion to its body, it can't run long distances." Peblit 1/1000
10 The label reads, "Iguarmor is not an aggressive species but the spikes on its tail can deal great damage." Iguarmor 1/1000
11 The label reads, "The inside of its beak is a truly terrifying sight." Scaveran 1/1000
12 The label reads, "The result of a scientific experiment gone wrong." Voltip 1/1000
13 The label reads, "Sometimes when chasing its own tail it can accidentally set itself on fire." Fennix 1/1000
14 The label reads, "Its ancestors used to live in the sea. It might look small, but it's got a big bite." Lilodon 1/1000
15 The label reads, "It stares at you expectantly with its beady eyes." Petricub 1/1000
16 The label reads, "Its unhygienic lifestyle leaves much to be desired." Quagmutt 1/1000
17 The label reads, "During storms it attaches itself to trees so as not to blow away." Paratail 1/1000
18 The label reads, "Some believe Wispers are lost spirits. At night their glow can lead explorers astray." Wisper 1/1000
19 The label reads, "Its lightweight body flows in the direction of the wind." Skimbus 1/1000
20 The label reads, "It has a sticky texture that allows it to climb surfaces with ease." Pulpin 1/1000
21 The label reads, "Its thick coat keeps it warm in the coldest climates." Capricoat 1/1000
22 The label reads, "The Ringram's horns start growing from birth and never stop." Ringram 1/1000
23 The label reads, "The scandroid is on an endless search. No one knows what for." Scandroid 1/1000
24 The label reads, "Nobody knows where it came from or who made it." Bobot 1/1000
25 The label reads, "Despite appearing friendly, it is rarely seen interacting with other Pipkin." Pipkin 1/1000
26 The label reads, "An ancient species, know to be agile and mischievous. They have an intelligent look in their eye." Monopus 1/1000
27 The label reads, "Its shell is impossible to penetrate which can make it a tricky foe." Snaggler 1/1000
28 The label reads, "It's unpleasant to look at. It's also unpleasant when it looks at you." Oculob 1/1000
29 The label reads, "Prolonged exposure to its pungent fumes will knock you out." Miasmop 1/1000
30 The label reads, "It prefers warm and moist climates where it'll grow quicker." Sporgus 1/1000
31 The label reads, "Due to its sensitive eyes it prefers dark settings, like caves." Agrobat 1/1000
32 The label reads, "These creatures have ethereal bodies that they mould into armour when threatened." Gosmet 1/1000
33 The label reads, "Its movement is determined by temperature levels in the atmosphere." Squeem 1/1000
34 The label reads, "It's notorious for stealing from vegetable patches." Snaunt 1/1000
35 The label reads, "It brews a toxic paste in its pod made from fermented fruit." Pteropod 1/1000
36 The label reads, "Its poison is deadly even in small doses." Crutter 1/1000
37 The label reads, "They attack anyone that surprises them, and they're easily surprised." Snuffish 1/1000
38 The label reads, "It's always on edge. It walks sideways and erupts at the slightest confrontation." Crabcano 1/1000
39 The label reads, "Its hot core produces a constant flow of lava. It throws a good punch." Pyromantle 1/1000
40 The label reads, "Its charred surface is surprisingly pleasant to touch. Just keep away from the flames!" Ignome 1/1000
41 The label reads, "A chemical reaction in its belly makes its hot breath toxic." Smoglin 1/1000
42 The label reads, "At night, all you can see of the anglure is its light." Anglure 1/1000
43 The label reads, "The bulb only stays lit while the Lumoth flaps its wings." Lumoth 1/1000
44 The label reads, "It appears mystified when encountering new life forms. You can't help but feel watched." Oogler 1/1000
45 The label reads, "It uses its horns to attract a partner. The light shows during mating season are spectacular." Narfin 1/1000
46 The label reads, "The long legs allow it to stand in water to catch fish." Toumingo 1/1000
47 The label reads, "Its diet is made up of small amounts of water that it finds by digging into the ground." Trictus 1/1000
48 The label reads, "Its sleepy lifestyle allows it to flourish underground and reach impressive sizes." Mandraflora 1/1000
49 The label reads, "It looks like a large and chunky leek. It bleeds when you cut it, though." Bulbop 1/1000
50 The label reads, "It loves frolicking through forests and meadows." Hypnare 1/1000
51 The label reads, "Greedy and sly in nature. If disturbed whilst sneaking it will give you the evil eye." Yokat 1/1000
52 The label reads, "Something about the way it limps makes you feel uncomfortable." Orbide 1/1000
53 The label reads, "It eats and lives in tar. Signs suggest it excretes tar as well." Taroni 1/1000
54 The label reads, "It's actually covered in red skin, but it's still pretty gross." Hemogoblin 1/1000
55 The label reads, "Not the most efficient flyer, it's a mystery how bobfae have survived as a species." Bobfae 1/1000
56 The label reads, "It watches you through its big lens." Triplod 1/1000
57 The label reads, "A braindead bioweapon created by irresponsible human scientists." Parasprite 1/100
58 The label reads, "An entity born outside of physical space and time." Cosmic Intruder 1/1000
59 The label reads, "A parasitic aberration grown from within Erchius crystals." Erchius Horror 1/20
60 The label reads, "If it survives for 200 years, it might become an Ixodoom." Ixoling 1/333
61 The label reads, "A gigantic arthropod which can regrow its tough exoskeleton in seconds if damaged." Ixodoom 1/20
62 The label reads, "The cold-hearted human leader of the Occasus cult. She wields a solarium-infused katana." Asra Nox 1/20
63 The label reads, "A stone temple guardian, animated with ancient technology." Kluex Sentry 1/333
64 The label reads, "A powerful winged guardian built in the image of the Avian god Kluex." Kluex Avatar 1/20
65 The label reads, "The figurehead of the Miniknog regime. Requires holographic projectors to remain stable." Big Ape 1/20
66 The label reads, "A towering, fire-breathing robot Dragon, designed to look like a reanimated skeleton." Bone Dragon 1/20
67 The label reads, "the infamous Penguin pirate Dreadwing, in his unmistakeable UFO." Dreadwing 1/40
68 The label reads, "An experimental Penguin mech, wielding a flamethrower arm and a pneumatic fist." Shockhopper MK I 1/40
69 The label reads, "An experimental mech suit, built and piloted by Asra Nox." Swansong 1/20