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Status effects can be both beneficial and damaging to the player. Status effects can be gained through item use (e.g. eating food) or through contact with certain blocks, liquids, or traps. Some weapons can apply status effects through special attacks, and so can monsters. These status effects are almost always temporary.

Status effects are displayed under the player's portrait. As their duration decreases they'll become darkened, expiring when they've completely darkened out.


When travelling to a planetary biome without the required Environmental Protection Pack, or EPP, players will lose 5% of their maximum health every tick until they die or warp off the planet. It's the same amount of damage if players run out of breath in liquids.

Players can be protected against each of these hazards with an EPP. The EPPs do not need to be swapped out, as players advance their EPP will upgrade and protect against previous hazards (because the Cooling EPP Upgrade is obtained last it protects against both radiation and cold)

Hazard Description
Status Radioactive.png Deadly Radiation Found on all Tier 4 Planets. Health is reduced to 15% of max health and cannot increase above this amount while the status effect is still active.
Status Cold.png Deadly Chill Found on all Tier 5 Planets. Run speed and jump height are both reduced by 40%. Additionally, energy regeneration is disabled, and 10 energy is drained per second. Once energy is depleted, 20 health is drained per second.
Status Heat.png Deadly Heat Found on all Tier 6 Planets. While standing on any surface, the player takes 5 damage every 0.5 seconds (i.e. the player takes 10 damage per second).
Status Spooked.png Spooked Found on moons. Draws an Erchius Ghost toward the player that cannot be killed, passes through blocks and will slowly drain player health when close.


Debuffs are negative status effects such as slowing player speed, reducing jump height, and dealing damage. They can be encountered naturally (as in the case of lava or poisoned water), from Status Pods, or consuming some foods.

They can also be applied through combat, especially when elemental Weapons are involved.

  • Fire-type weapons can inflict Burning
  • Electric-type weapons can inflict Electrified
  • Poison-type weapons can inflict Poisoned
  • Ice-type weapons can inflict Frost
Debuff Description
Status Burning.png Burning Engulfs the player in flames and applies damage for a short time at (2.5% of max hp + 1) per tick.
Status Doomed.png Doomed Applied after contact being shot by a Doomcannon. Deals explosive damage if damage is taken while applied.
Status Electrified.png Electrified Ticks to periodically damage targets within 8 tiles for 3% of the electrified target's maximum health.
Status Food Poisoning.png Food Poisoning Raw meat applies this debuff after being eaten. It applies periodic damage and can be removed by consuming antidote.
Status Frost.png Frost Causes a 25% decrease movement speed, 25% decrease in jump height and causes small icy particles to emit from the player.
Status Hungry.png Hungry On survival difficulty players will get hungry if their hunger bar gets too low. While hungry movement speed is reduced by 15%.
Status Melting.png Melting From contact with lava. Deals greatly increasing damage per tick until the player is no longer in contact with lava.
Status Poisoned.png Poisoned Damaging debuff that ticks off damage while applied to the player. It can be removed by consuming antidote.
Status Slime (Debuff).png Slime From contact with slime. Causes an 80% decrease to movement speed, 80% decrease in jump height and causes small slime particles to emit from the player.
Status Slow.png Slow From exposure to sandstorm weather. It slows player movement speed and reduces jump height by 50%.
Status Starving.png Starving On survival difficulty players will begin starving if their hunger bar becomes empty. While starving movement speed is reduced by 15% and players will take periodic damage.
Status Tar (Debuff).png Tar From contact with oil or Tarballs. Causes a 35% decrease to movement speed, 35% decrease in jump height and causes small oil particles to emit from the player.
Status Well Fed.png Full Belly Applied after players consume food. It prevents continual consumption of food to overcome damage and forces the player to plan out the need for healing and status effects.
Status Wet.png Wet Applied after contact with liquid water or encounter heavy rain. 10% decrease in movement speed and jump height.

Positive Effects

Positive buffs are those which provide a positive effect to the player, either through restoring health and energy, increasing movement speed, attack power and other effects that are helpful. Most of these are provided through foods, consumables or Status Pods.

Stat Boosts

Stat boosts are buffs which positively impact character stats. They'll provide a boost to the maximum points or the regeneration rate of either health or energy. These buffs are available through consumables or interaction with objects like beds.

Buff Description
Status Energy Boost.png Bonus Energy Temporarily increases the maximum amount of energy the player has available.
Status Health Boost.png Bonus Health Temporarily increases the maximum amount of health the player has available.
Status Regeneration.png Healing Restores a set amount of player health over 60 seconds.
Status Regeneration.png Regeneration Restores player health while active, stronger versions provide more health per tick.
Status Resting.png Resting Restores health and stops hunger decreasing while sleeping in beds, stronger versions provide more health per tick.
Status Well Fed.png Full Belly Restores 100% of player health over 120 seconds. Provided from consuming food.


Specific status effects offer resistances against other status effects. These are usually applied through crafted consumables.

Effect Description
Status Electric Resistance.png Electric Resistance Cures the electrified status effect and provides immunity from it being applied while active.
Status Fire Resistance.png Fire Resistance Cures the burning status effect and provides immunity from it being applied while active.
Status Ice Resistance.png Ice Resistance Cures the freezing status effect and provides immunity from it being applied while active.
Status Antidote.png Poison Resistance Cures the poisoned status effect and provides immunity from it being applied while active.

Other Buffs

There are a variety of other buffs which provide positive benefits. These include increases to movement speed, illumination, reflect damage, damage increases and more. All of these effects are temporary with the exception of glow which is applied while wearing pieces of the Glow Set costume armor.

Buff Description
Status Glow.png Glow Causes the player to emit an illuminating circle of light and yellow particles. This can be very useful when spelunking in underground caves or exploring a planet during night time.
Status Jump Boost 2.png Jump Boost Increases the height players can jump. Foods and certain Augments provide a 20% boost, while other sources such as Blue Stim Packs boost height by 50%.
Status Light.png Light Reduces player gravity. As a result of having gravity reduced players will jump higher, fall slower and can fall longer distances before taking fall damage.
Status Nova.png Nova Makes fire explode outward from the player in all directions when they take damage. Enemies hit by this fire will be burned.
Status Nude.png Nude Makes the player appear without any equipped armor. It's applied when sleeping in beds and immediately removed when leaving the bed.
Status Rage.png Rage Causes an increase in the amount of damage the player deals.
Status Run Boost 2.png Run Boost Increases player movement speed. Foods and certain Augments provide a 20% boost, while other sources such as Green Stim Packs boost run speed by 50%.
Status Safe fall.png Safe Fall Causes the player to take no fall damage while active.
Status Swim Boost.png Swim Boost Increases player swim speed while active.
Status Thorns.png Thorns Deals damage to melee attackers when players are struck.

Hidden Effects

These status effects are hidden in the game's code and have no corresponding icon for when they are applied. They are used by the game behind the scenes for various functions.

Effect Description
Ghostly Glow Used for the Erchius Ghost's glow effect. When applied to the player, surrounds them in a purple aura and a dim purple glow.
No Fall Damage Entities affected by this status do not take fall damage.
Swimming A hidden status applied to the player when submerged in liquid to tell the game when the player should be in swim mode.
Balloon.pngParty Time Causes multicolored spotlights to shine from the player and spin around. This was coded by the developers to test lua scripting for status effects and never removed from the game files. Unlike other hidden effects, this effect does have a GUI icon when applied, but there is no situation currently present in the game that applies this effect outside of mods.
Time Stop Entities affected by this status cannot move or take damage. This effect is applied to enemies that are hit with Time Pierce's special attack.